Apr 27, 2022 • 43M

Attempts to Explain: What is Inflation?

Economist Peter Martin joins Charl to help Charl explain.

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The great explainer. The Feynman technique.

Identifying the subject. Assessing your explanation. Researching further. Reiterating.

First Feynman. Now us.

For our first episode, economist Peter Martin joins Charl to try to work out the economy. In particular, inflation.

Is it real? Is it a story we tell ourselves? How do we control it? How do they control it?

What’s an inelastic commodity? How many days away are we from hyper-inflation? And what’s VB got to do with it?

We explain it all.

It’s a little echo-y. A little longer than we hoped. There’s a rough cut at the 30 minute mark.

It’s always beta.